All About The Fight is Born !!

The time has finally arrived for us to get going with the site, AATF has been born.

We have been busy building the website, organising equipment and learning how to use it all. we have bought a couple of 4k camcorders and a 4k drone. The plan is to make our podcasts into a YouTube show, so that our followers can not just listen, but also watch most interviews..

This is really exciting stuff for us as fight fans because at the moment there aren't many fight shows made in the UK that are fun, with people that just want to have fun.

We aren't journalists, we just love watching fighting !

We have also bought this old van to turn in to a podcast van, it was a mess inside and as you can see from the photos, a bit of a mess outside too but we were on a tight budget so opted to do it up ourselves !

We got some satin red wrap, a 32" tv and a load of wood and carpets and set about the job in hand.

We wrapped the van, carpeted the inside, we added some nice seats and have put a TV inside it (using a bed mechanism so that it pops up and down) also with an Xbox one to play games with our guests.

Here is the finished product, we have to say we are pretty stoked with the outcome !

Watch out for the van on the roads as we travel doing our interviews and podcasts.

What we have noticed as fight fans is that on YouTube not many companies are promoting fighting in general, they just do one form of fighting, MMA or boxing etc and not both.

Plus with the rise of Bare Knuckle fighting we think this needs to be covered as well. We have an exciting new promotion in the UK called BKB which has some big names entering from the other realms of fighting such as Brad Pickett from the UFC and also a host of professional gloved boxers too. You also have Bare Knuckle FC in the US.

Our aim is to cover all sorts of fight events, interview fighters and host podcasts. We will update our info section on the site with all of the current fight news, show a diary of all upcoming events from all the major players and also host a cool fight forum that we can all talk smack about the previous weeks fights.

Follow us on social media, share what you see and help us to grow !

News on our first podcast coming very soon, keep your eyes peeled.... ;-)



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