Ruiz Jr Shocks The World !

Andy Ruiz Jr has shocked (most of) the world, except for a few fans that truly know boxing, and have watched how Ruiz Jr boxes.

If you look at his record and the way that he fights, it was always a bad match up for Joshua.

He had 105 amateur fights with 100 wins, and he has had 34 pro fights and only lost once. That one loss was a controversial points decision to Joseph Parker. Many people thought Ruiz Jr won the Fight.

This guy had literally nothing to lose, when he went down in the 3rd, he was totally unfazed and got up and started banging, throwing combinations. You never seen a back foot from him and I think that took Josh by total surprise and then we all know what happened from there.

As Brits it's really sad to see everyone criticising Joshua today, laughing and mocking him because he is after all still British, he was still the Unified Heavyweight Champion of the world and he is still a human being, nobody can win at everything all of the time, it's just not possible. Unless you are extremely extremely lucky, especially not in the Heavyweight division with that power.

I hope he can come back and beat Ruiz Jr, I hope its in the UK and I hope he gets the support that he deserves from the British people. It's a crazy culture that we have here, he is doing well everyone loves him, he loses and then everybody knew he was shit, everybody knows that he was all hype. Get a grip the man has beat Klitschko, Whyte, Povetkin, Parker and a host of other top fighters. This just wasn't his night and unfortunately it's as simple as that.

The bad point here is that he needs to get his belts back, but I don't feel Ruiz Jr is ever a good fight for him because of his fighting style, short, explosive and doesn't take a back step, not even under pressure.

This photo is the moment the ref stopped the fight, I see lots of posts today on social media saying that the stoppage was a bit early.

I'm honestly not sure how anybody can come to that conclusion, when he went down for the last time, Joshua spat his mouth guard out on to the floor.

He then got up on very shaky legs and walked away from the ref to lean against the ropes. The ref asked him are you OK, Joshua replies yes but still leans against the ropes. The ref says come towards me, so he does and then straight away he realises that his legs have totally gone and so he leans on the ropes again.

The referee had no choice but to stop it as he clearly never wanted to continue, a good stoppage, a just stoppage and a stoppage at the right time.

Even Joshua knew this but he is a warrior after all, and never wanted to verbally give in, I think he was just trying to get an extra few seconds to help to try to clear his head.

Hopefully we see a different Joshua in the rematch later this year.

The rest of the card was a cracker too, Callum Smith retaining his world title in a dominating fashion with a 3rd round TKO over N'Dam. Katy Taylor also got the nod to become Undisputed Lightweight Champ, all be it a somewhat controversial one with most pundits having her behind on their score cards.

If you never watched the event, then you can still order the replay on Sky Box Office in the UK or via whichever network provider it is in your country.

It is well worth the money, it has to be said Matchroom Boxing put on a great show !



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